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istanbul dinner cruise

Le 26 November 2015, 20:34 dans Humeurs 0

It has made the ancient Greek city     of Ephesus and the time of the Roman Empire works buildings and structures. Ephesus primarily open-air museum is spread over a very large area. bosphorus dinner cruise  Ephesus is the most beautiful building is a work of art on the beach with spectacular architecture. Celcus Libray is used here as a symbol of Ephesus era tomb. Celcus Libray is located in Greek and Latin manuscripts in Arabic. Celcus Libray inside the two-story building is one-story and made it more light to take. Celcus Libray 2 floors and is situated in front of the 4 pieces of marble sculpture. They are the Army and the Justice Love the King statue. In some patients with GAD it is now Celcus Libary fountain adorned with a statue of the Trojan King on both sides. A very special ancient city of Ephesus. Even after Christianity spread across Europe spread here. After Greece before the ship goods with istanbul dinner cruise caravans from Italy and then the whole of Europe It is transported. A trading city of Ephesus and is therefore known as the capital of Ephesus are the Asian continent. Ephesus had Ephesus temple is composed of a single layer structure. There are people that use a combination of open-air toilets. There was love heart sign with house entrance door to Ephesus and many have occurred here from the room and had a natural ventilation system. 600 meters long and is made of marble dating back to the coast had the king way. The sculptures on the King's Road, and The columns are decorated with marble. If the king is held celebrations and fun way that people participate.



dirne Selimiye Mosque is the city's talles

Le 25 November 2015, 10:55 dans Humeurs 0

Edirne city built during the Ottoman Empire and located in the largest mosque ottoman borders. son of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent was made on behalf of Sultan Selim. 1550 in the classical Ottoman architecture is built by Mimar Sinan as 8 years in a very short period of time. For Mimar Sinan Selimiye Mosque and here I was at my masterpiece and which is protected as world heritage      sites list. Et hill It seems from all points of the city. There Selimiye Mosque of 4 very slender minarets and domes. Selimiye Mosque is decorated with various colors in the design pattern Iznik tiles and ceramics. There are also very nice and very large handwritten lines writings. Selimiye is located in the heart OldCity. Edirne Selimiye Mosque We met our tour guide at the gardens and private tours we participated in Edirne. Edirne Evros river and located on the ottoman here  There are stone bridge built during the empire. On the banks of the river Evros are many restaurants and tea gardens. Edirne city are very woods and forests where many private picnic areas. Edirne who ate a very tasty raw şehrineözg Pan kebab. They also made almond sweets antalya tours ,  trabzon tours and confectionery delights are sold here. The town consists of two-storey bay ESKİHİSAR us here at home and tea and turkish coffee



There is a very nice way of kings

Le 10 November 2015, 03:13 dans Humeurs 0

4 hours from Istanbul to Canakkale city center by private car gave. We went to the seaside boutique hotel located in Canakkale special. The hotel had a very large spacious rooms. In the morning after breakfast, which are all organic and natural private for Troy Tours Troy after about 1 hour long bus ride we arrived at an open air museum. Iley Hemeros first described in the epic Troy Troy horse statue troops secretly tucked away on the castle side door enters and wins the fight happens. Layers and each layer 9 is composed of Troy civilization has separate and each consist of a separate layer of civilization. In the first layer, there is a castle which is 90 meters wide. The ancient city of Troy in the second layer had a very nice. In particular temple and theater and exhibition center is located in Troy. There is a very nice way of kings and king of Troy road is decorated with statues and pillars. Finally, in 2004, starring Brad Pitt in the movie Troy, Canakkale used horse statue is located in the city center. A beautiful ancient city of Troy.

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